3 Instagram Trends for 2020

This holiday season is at full speed and I’m so ready for 2020! Instagram is still the most popular social media app, and despite the haters, Instagram is not going anywhere. Here are 3 Instagram trends going into 2020 to grow your Instagram!

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3 Instagram trends for 2020

Yes, the updates are driving us crazy and there are many glitches still happening on the gram’, but Instagram still has my heart. It’s a great place to create your community and grow your business.

Here are my trends for 2020: 

1. More real

2019 has proved that we want to connect with people in a more genuine way, without the overuse of filters. Stories are more popular than ever because people are eager to watch behind the scenes.

We want real connections on social media, and this trend is not going away.

2. More sales

Instagram is always creating more features to help brands sell their services/products, and this a trend that is going to get stronger in 2020. Now we can buy something from clicking on someone’s photo, and that just makes doing business so much easier on the app!

Let’s not forget about the swipe up button on Instagram stories too! It’s a huge feature for influencers and entrepreneurs.

I’m curious to see how Instagram can improve our shopping experience on the app in 2020.

3. More videos.

IGTV is still growing and gaining momentum on the app, and the short videos on Instagram stories are going strong. If you haven’t jumped on the video trend, now is the time! There are tons of video editing apps that help you create cool videos – I like InShot and SparkVideo, try them out and get your creative juices going!

Ready to take over Instagram in 2020? Let me know which trend is your favorite. 

And if you are ready to grow your Instagram reach out to me and let’s talk! 




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