3 amazing Instagram trends to try right now

Hey, loves! If you, like me, is an Instagram lover, you must be wondering what are the biggest Instagram trends for 2019.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the competition on Instagram has really heated up in the last few years.  Trying to keep on it with all the best ways to grow your following and build your brand into something memorable and recognizable changes as quickly as some influencers update their stories.  

If you’re not going to go about it by a one-in-a-million shot with a stint on “The Bachelor”, then you might want to know about what direction to take for increasing your following.  There are now over one billion users on Instagram, meaning over one billion people for you to try to reach and connect with.  So, let’s look at some updated trends to get you there. 

Develop Influencer Friendships

It seems like so many influencers are wonderful friends, positively supporting one another through comments, likes, and even sharing and posting with one another’s products or brands.  While we love seeing people support one another, there’s also a brilliant strategy behind this.  

When one influencer shares a product of theirs or a piece of content, and that same content is shared, liked, or commented on by another influencer, the outreach grows significantly.  Instagram followers tend to want to follow the same content their favorite influencers do. Not only are these influencers expanding their outreach, though, they’re also developing an unspoken partnership.  Ever notice how some of the bigger and more recognizable influencers will share products of a fellow influencers, and then the fellow influencer also shares products in return?  They’ve developed this mutual understanding and support of one another that says, “I’ll share yours, if you share mine”. 

These friendships aren’t always the easiest to generate and can take some finessing. Don’t try to force them and try to connect with influencers you actually enjoy and whose content you connect with or relate to.  Start with comments or likes and slowly transition into the occasional post with their product or content and try to get a repost or even a like. 

Share More on Instagram Stories

In its initial stages and for the first years of its use, Instagram was predominantly a picture/still image-based platform.  Then came Boomerangs and the ten second video clips, full minute videos, and now we have the Instagram Story. 

Instagram stories are viewed by a far wider number of people than traditional posts.  Because of Instagram’s jumbled timeline, the only consistent way for followers to view your content is when you post to your story regularly.  Some influencers even link or draw attention to posts in their stories, to help draw people to the actual posts. 

Make your content genuine and sincere, and keep followers updated on the interesting parts of or thoughts throughout your day.  When you post, your story jumps to the front of the timeline, and you can track how many people have viewed it.  Post to your story to gain coverage, earn followers, and build your brand by bringing those followers into your daily life. Don’t force it, don’t be obnoxious, don’t overuse it, and make sure you have actual content and not just ‘filler material’, because followers won’t buy into that. 

Embrace (Sincere) Advertising

From sponsored posts to affiliate marketing practices, find products, companies, or brands you actually like, and give occasional posts or stories that promote those products.  Connect with brands and express your desire to represent them.  Engage in reach out, explain your focus and your own brand, and consider how advertising can come into play.  Not only do these posts bring in some money, but they also give you the chance to be featured by whatever brand or company you’re advertising for. 

What do you think of these trends? You can start trying one of them today! Let me know how it goes!




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!