3 common Instagram myths – BUSTED!

If Instagram is your main platform for communicating your brand, connecting with others in your industry, and engagement then I’m sure you’ve struggled to find the best ways to make your platform successful!

There are many voices out there telling you to post every day, spend all of your time engaging, etc – But no one has time to do that! You have a life, a business, and time is precious! I totally get that. So, you might be surprised to hear that these 3 common beliefs about the Instagram industry aren’t true.

Follow and unfollow works 

Networking and making connections is so important on social media. It allows you to grow as an entrepreneur, become educated and keep up with the continual changes that social media brings. But, in order to make these connections is the “follow/unfollow” method really a technique that works?

To be completely honest, No. This method for gaining a mass amount of new followers is usually temporary and can attract a lot of spammers. It’s sad, I know because I have done this too! I am with you there, and I want to encourage you with something… The best way you can attract other legit followers who are genuinely wanting to connect with you will happen through organic engagement and hashtags. I touched on this topic in a previous blog post and I would highly recommend that you check it out! HOW TO AVOID THE FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW GAME – FOREVER! will open your eyes to the reason behind why I encourage my clients to shy away from this common myth.

I need to post every single day

Do you currently post to the gram Every. Single. Day?? Are you guilty of feeling pressure to post MULTIPLE times a day?? Well, let me tell you a little secret…

You have my permission to stop because you don’t have to post every day in order to have a successful Instagram profile! Think about it this way – “Consistency over frequency” and “quality over quantity”.

I teach my clients that posting 4-5 days a week, consistently, is the key. Post on the same days and steer away from just posting to post, but actually take time to post quality content. The best posting frequency is the posting frequency that you and your business can keep up with consistently. Give yourself a break and designate just 4-5 days to create and post quality content!

I don’t have Insta-worthy content

If you take anything away from this blog post today, let it be this – You are your brand. You are what makes your content worthy and worth attracting followers and connections. You have Insta-worthy content!

So, what exactly is Insta-worthy content? This is content that excites you, drives you, is provides help and service to your followers, and is driven with quality videos/images. People want to follow real lives and authenticity. Engaging your followers with real-life pictures and experiences will help you connect to them in a meaningful way!

A few examples of content topics could be: “a day in the life”, family happenings, business wins/struggles, personal wins/struggles, collaborations, and inspiration.

You are a real person with real-life experiences and that is your Insta-worthy content! Don’t underestimate what you are capable of and what you can bring to the table! Your uniqueness will shine through and attract the type of followers you will enjoy having.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the ever-changing Instagram trends. It’s all a learning curve! I hope you found some gold from these 3 common Instagram myths – busted!

What have you heard about Instagram profile-building that has turned out to also be a myth? Share your knowledge with me in the comments!




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!