3 goals you should NOT have for your Instagram in 2020

Happy New Year! By now you must be tired of hearing everybody talk about setting goals and be becoming a goal digger in 2020 ( sorry Jenna Kutcher, I stole this term from you 😉 ). But what about things that you should leave behind, even on Instagram?

Yes! Living a life that you want is about things that you don’t do as well, so you can focus on doing the stuff that you love. I made a list of goals you should NOT have for your Instagram this year – or any year. These trends just get in the way of you growing your social media presence.

If you stop doing these things, I promise it will become much easier to go after your goals and stay on track!

3 Goals to NOT Have for your Instagram in 2020 by Monica Hill Instagram Strategist

1. Comparing yourself to others.

I have said this a thousand times, but it’s worth mentioning again.

STOOOPP with the comparison game on Instagram. It only stops you from creating your content and being yourself, because you think you need to be like that other coach, blogger, entrepreneur…you name it.

Instagram is not a race and you do you. If you stop doing one thing this year make it this one. Catch yourself when you are doing this and put your phone down. 

2- Using popular hashtags that have nothing to do with your posts.

This one is still a trend and I would love to see it go away. When you use super popular hashtags you end up attracting a lot of bots and accounts that are not interested in what you have to share.

Instead, use niche related hashtags and hashtags that your ideal client/followers are using. If you need help with hashtags I have a great course, Hack your Hashtags. This hashtag for Instagram course teaches you everything you need to know about using the right hashtags for you. Check it out here

3- Try all the latest trends that pop up.

I know, trying things like new filters fonts can be fun, but if you found something that works and that your followers love, stick with it.

For example, my posts have a good reach and I haven’t tried posting videos or boomerangs on my feed yet ( I save them for my stories). Is it something I might consider in the future? Sure, but for now, I’m sticking with my strategy.

So many times I see people jumping from one strategy to another, and that can get your followers confused… plus, it’s a lot of work! Try out some things that you enjoy doing – maybe it’s IGTV or going live once a week – and give it at least a 30 day trial period. Tweak accordingly . 

Now that you know what goals to drop this year you can go after what you really want for your Instagram account in 2020.

More growth?

More engagement?

Share with me on the comments or send me a DM on Instagram! I would love to support you and cheer you on!

Chat Soon!

Monica Hill | Instagram Strategist

p.s. If you want to learn more about the goals you should be setting, check out my blog post that talks Instagram Trends for 2020 and read what works!


Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!


  1. Kiah S. January 8, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    My goal for 2020 is to definitely have more engagement and increase my following!

  2. glambymoni January 14, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    This is such a great goal!! You can do it if you set aside just a few minutes every day to engage. It makes such a great difference!

  3. Robyn January 27, 2020 at 7:53 am

    I agree with the first two points but I think its important to try new options made available to you by the platform. As far as I know, and what is logical to me, is that the platform will increase the visibility of their new filters, functions and other things, thereby giving your posts a bit of a boost when you utilize them, because they are also trying to market the new functionality.

    I might be wrong, but when IGTV hit videos got WAY more engagement than pictures. When FB polls hit I was seeing them all over my feed. I think its important to incorporate understanding the trends into your strategy.