3 Small Changes That Bring BIG Results on Instagram

I know we are all super busy so today I’m going to be quick! I want to share some super simple, quick changes you can do on your gram’ that will make a HUGE difference! Don’t believe me? Keep reading for 3 SMALL changes that can bring you BIG results on Instagram.

3 Small Change for BIG Results on Instagram | Use these Instagram strategies to grow Instagram followers, increase Instagram engagement, and become an Instagram Influencer. These three tips will also help you grow your overall social media presence. #instagram #engagement #iammonicahill #monicahill #glambymoni #socialmedia, instagram engagement posts, digital marketing, how to become an Instagram Influence #influencer For more Instagram strategy and Instagram tips, visit www.monicahill.com
3 Small Change for BIG Results on Instagram | Use these Instagram strategies to grow Instagram followers, increase Instagram engagement, and become an Instagram Influencer.

Firstly, check your Instagram bio.

Are you still using the same bio you wrote when you first started on Instagram a few years ago? 

Is your Instagram bio all cutesy but says nothing about your business – and who you are? Just writing #coffeelover #mamaoftwo is not going to cut it on the busy world of Instagram.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but people only care the most about what you have to offer them when they are checking your Instagram profile. 

What do you help people with? What problem do you solve? Please be as clear as possible when writing your bio. It will help you attract the right people to your Instagram – and business!

3 small changes that bring big results on Instagram

Secondly, add a CTA (call to action) to your captions.

Are you still stuck on the emoji overload when writing captions? Emojis are fine, but next time you write a caption focus on one thing: your call to action. 

Make your followers take action on something (watch your stories, click your bio, book a discovery call) in every caption that you write. It will drive your engagement up and also open up space for conversation with your followers. There is no community without engagement. Be the one that starts a conversation with your audience so they feel comfortable sharing with you! 

And if you want some more tips on growing your engagement please grab my free guide for crazy engagement growth  here. 

Last but not least, Instagram stories #Storiesforthewin

Yeah, its me, talking about Instagram stories again. If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love stories. Why? Because they work!!! They work to grow your following and drive more engagement to your account. 

On stories, you can show behind the scenes of your life, post polls to get to know your followers better and just be more present. Feeds are great, but we all know pictures can be highly photoshopped. On stories, we can see more of the real you, and everybody loves real. So, if you haven’t hopped on stories yet, or are not consistent with it, please get it going. You can start small with just a few seconds of video. 

Which change are you committing to do today? Please share with me on the comments or on my Instagram – are we friends on there yet? 


Monica Hill | Instagram Strategist

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