3 tips on how to beat the IG algorithm

Have you ever been talking to your friend about your favorite clothing brand or fast food place, and next thing you know, the first hit on your Facebook newsfeed is of that very thing?! Creepy right? Aside from the creepiness, this is known as being part of an algorithm. An algorithm is always changing and is unique to every user. It pushes the most relevant posts to the top. Algorithms are not unknown to the Instagram world, either.

Recently, Instagram changed its algorithm by having each user’s newsfeed be built around what posts are liked by that user.  For example, your role models or family members are more likely to pop up on the top of your newsfeed rather than a model you saw walking down your street. 

With all this information and the countless other influencers out there, you’re probably feeling a little competitive, a little overwhelmed, maybe even stressed. But don’t be! The algorithm is your friend, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

So how do you do this? Here are my three tips for that:

Find a good time to post. Not at 3am. Not when people are driving to work. Think of time when you’re on your phone perusing the internet and when your followers are hanging on IG. Also, when you post, hang around the platform for a while and make sure to engage with your followers. Try to respond to comments as soon as possible and the algorithm will love you even more! Engagement is a huge component of being successful on Instagram and growing your following. Always make sure to set time of the day to do that!

Hashtag: An OG feature of social media still going strong. A hashtag opens the door to a bunch of followers who tap that hashtag. The Instagram explore page caters to this quite much. Avoid using specific, irrelevant terms and stick to the ones relevant to your niche and ideal audience ( I have a great hashtags course called Hack your Hashtags that teaches you everything you need to know about them! Click here to learn more)

And we’re live! A lot of your followers will get notified, regardless of algorithm. A lot of users overlook this feature Instagram has to offer. But if there’s one way to grab your followers’ attention, it’s this! I like to go live once a week on my Instagram. And if you want your live video archived for other followers to see at a later time, put it up on Instagram TV! IGTV allows for longer videos for those days you just have a lot to say 😉

Hope these tips can make you feel more confident while navigating Instagram! Always believe in yourself and keep doing your work 😀




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!

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