About Monica Hill

I’m a motivational momma living in Palm Beach, FL by way of CA, NYC, and Brazil. I live here with my husband and 2 beautiful kids, running my profitable blogging business while still having enough time and energy to raise my children. I’m so grateful to say I’m truly living my best life.

When I first came to America by way of Brazil, I worked in the super-fast-paced fashion and music industries for companies like ‘Vogue’ and Sony Music. I started my blog in 2015, focusing on street style and fashion. I built my blogging business from the ground up, growing in a meaningful way, learning from my mistakes, until eventually, I had a large number of blog subscribers and an Instagram following I was incredibly proud of. Then last year it came crashing down.

Every digital influencer worst nightmare came true: I was hacked!

Everything I’d built on Instagram was GONE in an instant. But rather than give up, I doubled down and focused on what I had learned in the 4 years I’d been blogging…I came up with a strategy that REALLY WORKED and in less than an year, I had taken my follower count from 0 to 40 THOUSAND! In this process I learned that more important than numbers was the community you created on Instagram and the message you had to share. With the right mindset and the right tools, you can be seen on Instagram and grow your tribe while feeling confident and successful.

I want to empower you and encourage you to start that blog! Put yourself out there! Follow your dreams…when you’re smart about HOW to achieve your goals, your dreams really can become reality.

Let’s do this!