3 amazing Instagram trends to try right now

Hey, loves! If you, like me, is an Instagram lover, you must be wondering what are the biggest Instagram trends for 2019. If we’re being honest with ourselves, the competition on Instagram has really heated up in the last few years.  Trying to keep on it with all the best ways to grow your following…

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The Dos and Dont’s of how often to post on Instagram

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about Instagram is how often to post. With the algorithm seemingly changing constantly, figuring out your optimal posting schedule and frequency presents a challenge. After doing some research, I’ve determined that posting one to two times per day is a good rule of thumb for Instagram….

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How to write your Instagram Bio like a pro

The importance of a solid Instagram bio is often overlooked. Since Instagram is a visual platform, the content of your bio may not seem as relevant as the look of your feed. However, depending on your goals, your bio can make or break your success on the platform. Chances are, if you’re reading this article,…

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How to brand yourself on Instagram

Hi, loves! I’m so excited to be here writing about my passion: Instagram! I’ve been working as a blogger since 2015 and this year I decided to go on a journey to help you with Instagram! I had my account hacked and deleted last year and lost all my 75K followers. It was a hard…

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5 tips that took me from 0-40K followers in less than a year!

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