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Loja Anthropologie em Nova York


Hi girls! Today I want to talk about decorating, more specifically kitchen decor. You might know Anthropologie for its clothes and accessories, but have you checked their decor section? It’s amazing!  The kitchen accessories are very feminine and beautiful and can transform your kitchen from boring to gorgeous. A little warning: it is impossible to leave the store without buying anything, even just a little something. Once you walk into those doors you want to buy everything! There are a lot of mugs,bowls, dish towels, and some accessories you never knew you needed ( a cookie jar in the shape of a bulldog? Yes please!). And let’s not forget the cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, spatulas … So many itens! Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what they have at Anthropologie:


anthropologie2 anthropologie6

Toalhas de louça: uma mais linda que a outra

Beautiful dish towels


Ótima opção de presente, essas canecas custam US$8

Great gift option, these mugs are US$8




Mais canecas!



Beautiful right? If you don’t cook you might start after shopping at Anthropologie – like I mentioned they sell cookbooks too! Now talking prices: mostly everything is very affordable, so I say it’s a go.


Even thought I wanted to buy it all I have a lot of stuff for my kitchen already, so I focused on things that I needed doubles of or that I didn’t have. Here are my picks:


Meus escolhidos!

compras na Anthropologie


1- Sugar pot and creamer: didn’t have these in my kitchen yet; I thought this set was very beautiful and delicate and decided to buy. Great for serving my Nespresso when I have company over!

Price: $ 10 each


2- Dish towels: With two kids in the house I always need towels to clean up the messes; these ones are made from a thick cotton and are colorful, perfect to brighten up my kitchen. I’t sold in a set of four but you can buy individually (see photo).

Price: $ 24


3- Whisk: I have a similar one at home and use a lot, but this one I  found it so beautiful that I decided to buy anyway! To beat eggs in style: D

Price: $ 16


4- Bowl: I love the color blue for the kitchen; and you can always use an extra bowl at home.

Price: $ 8


Ready to go kitchen shopping yet? To check where is the closest Anthropologie click here. Have a great weekend! If you liked the post click the “Share this Post” If you have any questions just comment below 🙂




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