Want to get crazy Instagram engagement? Try this!

With so many people focusing on followers, I prefer to focus on engagement. Why? Because when you have engaged followers you have a community. And an engaged community is more likely to buy from you and listen to what you have to say. 

Do you want a fast way to boost your Instagram engagement? Keep reading!

Want to get crazy Instagram engagement? Try this! | Monica Hill Instagram Strategist + Instagram Influencer. Learn the simple Instagram strategies I use on my own Instagram account to have an engaged following of over 50k followers. My Instagram tips will help you grow your business through social media. Visit my blog for more free Instagram strategies! #Instagram #socialmedia #monicahill #engagement

Want to get crazy Instagram engagement?
Get on Instagram stories!

If you are already doing stories, start creating polls to learn more about your followers and what do they would like to see more of you.

So I have a challenge for you: start posting a poll on Instagram stories twice a week. See how your followers start engaging more and who is watching your stories more often. 

Instagram Engagement

Out of ideas on what to ask in your story?

Give people options! I have a few examples for you: 

  • Would you rather see more of fashion or beauty?
  • Do you like seeing more pictures or videos on stories? 
  • What your biggest pet peeve with (insert something about your industry)?
  • Who is your favorite influencer?
  • What is your favorite book? 
  • Do you want me to share more tips on growing your engagement or the perfect time to post ( i.e.: give options from your niche).

Get creative! Once people notice that you care, they start caring about you! So many people complain they don’t have engagement on their posts and stories, but they don’t seem to take notice and acknowledge their followers.

People want to be seen and heard!

Are you interacting on stories? Want to take a peek on my stories? Head over to my Instagram and watch my latest ones and let me know on the comments!

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Chat soon lovelies!

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