How to do an easy and fabulous brown smokey eye


Brown Smokey eye look


Hi loves! How are you doing? I got a few requests on my Instagram from Renata, Michele and Ana Paula on how to do a smokey eye look that you can wear during the day. Renata and Michele also asked me a few make up tips for Asian eyes – I’m a quarter Japanese so I was very happy with the request 🙂 So let’s get to it! But first take a look of the picture of what I used – see if you have similar products on your make up vanity:




Lorac Pro Palette – my favorite! But use what you have at home



My daytime make up routine doesn’t change much; I have two children so there is not a lot of free time left in my day to try new make up looks – my daytime make up routine takes no time! To be honest I love a brown smokey eye for daytime so I usually don’t try different colors on a daily basis. Here is how to achieve my fast and fabulous eye make up look:


1- Primer: I usually go with Paintpot by Mac in Painterly. There are a lot of affordable primers in the market; it’s a must to apply one so your make up doesn’t run. Apply all over your eyelid.


2- Black or dark brown pencil: I like the one from Make Up Forever. Make sure the one you are using is soft so it glides easily. Apply it close to your lashes, it’s better to go thicker than thinner for this look.


3- Dark brown eyeshadow: Using the Lorac Pro palette I apply the color Espresso on my eyelid. I prefer matte eyeshadows for daytime, but if you like a little shimmer go for it. Use a eye shadow brush to apply and stop at the crease. A dark shadow close to the lashes makes your eyes bigger – a great tip for monolid girls.


4- A medium brown shadow: The secret to a great smoky eye is the ombré effect: it makes your eyes pop and it looks gorgeous. Since I’m doing an easy eye make up tutorial I will only be using two eyeshadows. From my Lorac palette I apply the color Taupe to my eye crease in a windshield wiping motion using a blending brush. Always blend upwards and outwards. After you finish blending get a clean blending brush and blend the two eyeshadows together. I recommend having two blending brushes to achieve a great smokey eye look. Take a look at the picture below to see the ones I use:

Primeiro pincel no topo é para aplicar sombra na pálpebra móvel. O do meio uso para esfumar duas sombras juntas e o terceiro para esfumar o côncavo

Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush: For eyelid. MAC 217: Blending brush MAC 224: Blending brush I use for the crease

5- Mascara: There are a lot of good mascaras out there. The darker the better! Mascara is a very important step – especially for Asian girls. First use an eyelash curler and then apply two to three coats of the most wonderful mascara you have. It makes all the difference!

Done! Sometimes it takes a few tries to achieve a nice smokey eye. There is no secret, only lots of practice!! Having good brushes also makes a big difference ( if you are going to stick with one brand I recommend MAC). Before I forget: last optional step: apply the dark brown eyeshadow on bottom lid close to the lash line – another trick to make your eyes look bigger.


I hope you liked my first make up tutorial post. If you have any questions just comment below. And check my Instagram page here if you haven’t done it yet, I always talk about make up there.



Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!

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