How to get more people in your DMs and make more sales

I have a little secret to tell you: DMs are the best way to sell on Instagram. Not the link in your bio, not even your stories (even though that’s a great way too!). Keep reading to read how to get more people in your DMs to make more sales!

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How to get more people in your DMs and make more sales

The best way to make sales is to create a connection via DM. DM stands for direct message, and it’s a private conversation you can have on Instagram. I love DMs because you can get to know someone and create a real connection. 

I am going to share with you my 3 favorite ways to get your ideal client or follower in your DMs, connect with people, and make more sales!

1- Create a poll on stories.

This one is my first and favorite! I recommend creating a poll with questions that are relevant to your audience and start a conversation from there.

For example, let’s say you are a health coach. You can post yes or no questions (or do what I do and create and create yes only polls) like:

“ Have you tried a diet recently?” Poll: Yes or No

“ Do you have a hard time following diets” Yes or No

You get the idea.

In this yes or no poll (or do what I do and create and create yes only polls),e only yes options, like yes and of course you can send them a DM and start a conversation. For the people that reply yes, you can start a conversation with them in a DM.

Now that’s where it gets tricky. How many times have we got that “hey girl” message after we liked someone’s post, followed them, or reply to a poll – with a sales pitch?

Remember to always be interested in the other person and don’t make a pitch from the start! Ask more questions, get to know the person, check their profile, do some research! That’s the best way to create a relationship and eventually make a sale.

2- Reach out to people that commented on your post.

If someone left a very thoughtful comment on your post, reach out!

Introduce yourself. Be curious. Thank the person for the comment and start a conversation from there.

You can also ask your followers to drop an emoji on the comments. You can also ask them to comment by saying, “me”, “I’m in”, you get the idea. This is great if you just dropped a new freebie, masterclass or a new product. If they commented, this a good time to DM them.

3- Watch stories and comment.

I love this one! If you find an ideal client – a soulmate one! – you can start engaging with them via stories.

Every time you make a comment on someone’s story the message goes to their DM. It can be more efficient than leaving a comment on their post. Just make sure to be authentic and really interested in their content. 

If you apply these strategies I guarantee you will start making great connections on Instagram – and start getting a full inbox!

These are just a few strategies I share with my clients. If you are ready to grow your Instagram and make more sales, click here and let’s chat! 



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