How to be more productive on Instagram

How to be more productive on Instagram

Ever heard of the saying, “if you think you’re doing enough, you’re probably not?” Well, although the saying can be a tough pill to swallow, it’s also something we need to keep in mind. The thing is, we spend too much time scrolling and checking other people’s work and not investing on our own business when it comes to Instagram. I’ve seen way too often, and I don’t want it to happen to you.

How to be more productive on Instagram
How to be more productive on Instagram | Use these strategies to be more productive on Instagram, strategize time management, and grow your Instagram following and Instagram engagement. #instagram #engagement #socialmedia #iammonicahill #monicahill #glambymoni #instagramstrategy

In the world of influencers and entrepreneurs, it’s always wise to stay one step ahead and to be thorough and detailed with execution of your business.

That does not mean you have to spend all your waking hour on social media – I’m a big advocate for using your time on a smart way. You just have to allow yourself to think outside the box.

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

Google Calendar? Heck yes!

The best way not to waste time on Instagram is to write down how much of your time you will dedicate to the platform. Let’s say you do a post today: you can set up your calendar to 12pm for example, and a timer for 30 minutes to post and engage. Trust me, if might feels like too much in the beginning, but having the time blocked on your schedule will make you much more productive. Give it a try and see how much time you can save on Instagram!

Batch content

Write your captions in advance. Yes, you can be creative on demand! Although I admit it’s not the easiest, it does get easier with time and practice. Also, always write your ideas on the notes app on your phone or keep a notebook with you at all times for ideas that come up while you are in the shower, working out or listening to a podcast.

Swipe Up!

Whenever you utilize Instagram stories, add a quick promotional blurb about your website. Whether it’s a link to a product on your website or a great follow-up source for something you perhaps mentioned in a previous post, this will generate hits to your website while also utilizing the great features Instagram already offers. Just a reminder that this

Share to Facebook and Twitter

Did you know you can share your Instagram posts to Facebook and Twitter with just the touch of a button? When you’re about to hit share on Instagram, be sure to turn the Facebook and Twitter tabs on.

It will proceed to ask you if you want to automatically share to these platforms, which you absolutely should! You’re generating more viewership by reminding the folks over at Facebook and Twitter you’re not forgetting about them, while also introducing them to what your Instagram has to offer.


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