How to get visible on Instagram today

You have great content. Your pictures are on point. Your captions are awesome. But you still seem to be struggling with how to get visible on Instagram. What to do?

How to get visible on Instagram today | Monica Hill Instagram Coach + Instagram Strategist + Influencer | Use these simple Instagram strategies to learn how to get visible on Instagram, Grow your Instagram engagement, and why it is important to show up on IG Video. Click the image and uplevel your business with Instagram tips. #instagram #influencer

These few tips can be very helpful on being seen and heard on the gram’. 

Gone are the days where all you needed was a breathtaking picture and a killer caption to be found. Of course, we still need those, but you also have to market yourself. 

Instagram has 1 billion people on the platform. It’s harder for everybody to get visible. 

So, how to break through the noise and have your content be seen by the right people? 

I have a few tips that can help you:

1- Engage

I’m going to repeat until the day I die – you have to engage on Instagram. You have to be proactive and take at least 20 minutes of your day to engage with your followers and ideal clients. If you are just starting out I recommend you spend 30 minutes at least engaging with people that would be amazing to have as followers and clients. 

Give likes, leave genuine comments, and ask questions. I also have an amazing free guide for beginners  – grab The Business Badass’ Guide to Instagram for free. 

2- Hashtag your way to the top

Use hashtags on your posts – up to 30 – that are related to your niche and ideal client. Also, use the hashtags to engage on Instagram – did I just say engage again? yup! ;P They are a great way for people to find you as well. 

How to get visible on Instagram today

3- Press play and record!

I know video on Instagram can be intimidating in the beginning, but grab your phone and start doing video for 5 minutes once a week (Instagram lives or IGTV). The more you do the more comfortable you feel on camera. If Instagram live or IGTV still feel like a big stretch to you, start with Insta stories – which by the way, are a must for any account. For Insta stories, I recommend posting daily, at least 4 times. 

Videos are a great way to speed up the process of like, know and trust between you and your followers. If you want to learn more about why going live, read my blog post explaining “Why Instagram Live is really worth doing”

Start implementing this Instagram strategy today, be consistent, and see how much it change in a short period of time. 

Which one are you committing to do today? I would love to now!



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