How to keep your Instagram safe from hackers

Getting hacked on Instagram is a devastating experience! Do you know if your profile is safe from hackers?

If you know my story, then you know that I was hacked several years ago and had to let go of my thriving Instagram profile. I had over 70K followers and after many months of trying to recover it, I ended up having to start over. I did not have appropriate settings in place and unfortunately, my profile was not protected.

Everything I’d built on Instagram was gone in an instant. But rather than give up, I doubled down and focused on what I had learned from blogging. I came up with a strategy that REALLY WORKED and in less than a year, I had taken my follower count from 0 to 40 THOUSAND! 

During this journey, I decided to become an Instagram strategist so I could mentor other business owners and influencers for the purpose of helping them achieve a safe and profitable Instagram profile.

I learned a few basic things that I now highly recommend to my clients. Keep on reading because I am excited to share with you how to keep your Instagram safe from those pesky hackers!

Set up 2-factor authentication

Have you heard of 2-factor authentication? This setting helps you prevent hackers from hacking your Instagram account and changing your contact information including your username. Once set up, Instagram will force any unknown device to input a verification code before successfully logging in to your account.

To enable 2-factor authentication, tap the “Settings” button. Then scroll down and tap “2-Factor Authentication”. Turn on “Require Security Code”, add your mobile number and verify. It’s that simple, and it’s THE MOST important tip to keep your Instagram safe from hackers!

Don’t use a lot of apps

Next, let’s steer clear of using a lot of apps! It’s very important that you only allow your Instagram profile access to a few AUTHORIZED third-party apps. For example, apps that help you track your engagement, profile views, and help you get more followers. These apps are ok, but only allow apps permission if they are directly related to Instagram.

Do your research to find the most well-known, authorized third-party apps. Take this additional step in securing and protecting the Instagram account you’ve worked so hard to build! You’ve got this!

If you think you might currently have suspicious apps linked, here is how you can revoke access. Log into your Instagram account using your desktop, then click on “Edit Profile”. The phrase “Authorized Applications” is on the left side. Click on the phrase and manage the apps you have already allowed them to access your Instagram account.

Remember, your password and account info are yours and should not be given to anyone, any website, or any apps that you do not trust!

Do not click on links

Have you ever received DMs from sites asking you to “click the link to pick your favorite outfit so we can collaborate!” I have talked to too many bloggers who get DMs from companies that say just that, and then hackers use their click to access personal data using malware hidden behind the link. This happens more often than people realize and it can be avoided as easy as this – Don’t click on fishy links!

Try a simple Google search and check out the origin of the link if you want to find out if it’s legit.

I have a huge heart for Instagram protection as many of us use it as our primary social media platform! You deserve to have a safe and profitable Instagram account so that you can freely grow and serve your audience. Implement these few simple tips and keep your Instagram safe from hackers!

These were just a few of my top recommendations, but there are actually many ways to keep your Instagram account secure! Tell me in the comments if you use these tips. Do you know about any other tips and strategies to protect your account?




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!