How To Use Reels To Grow Your Instagram

If you are active on Instagram and specifically in stories, you may have noticed the reels feature! This tool is used to attach 15-30 second video clips together.

First, you capture the amazing moments, set it to music, and then share it to your feed! Since reels are such a popular feature, then you might be wondering how to use reels to grow your Instagram?

Reels are the icing on the cake when it comes to Instagram video content. With the features and functionality, reels are very similar to TikTok!

I am going to share a few ways YOU can use reels to grow your Instagram. Nothing complicated, just the basics, BUT also the most important ways to utilize its amazing capabilities!

Create On-Brand Content for Your Target Audience

Creating content that connects with your target audience is vitally important no matter the platform you use. But each platform has its own personality where certain types of content work better than others. Reels offers more sophisticated editing tools that can be used to create fun and energetic videos. Those videos can then be shared widely through the Explore page and aren’t limited to just your followers.

With Reels, brands can create the Instagram content their audience craves in a way that is more personable and approachable. This goes a long way toward building and nurturing relationships and community on Instagram.

Share Tips, Tutorials, and Other Educational Content

Informational content like tips and tutorials are a great way to get followers to find value in your Instagram Reels content. And, yes, even these 15-second videos are long enough to provide value!

Reels make recreating video tips and tutorials easy and followers are more engaged to listen to your message as a result of the content being more fun and engaging. The longer your followers stay connected, the more successful your connectivity will be.

Creating tips that are connected to your expertise and industry while making it fun can help you garner interest, develop connectivity, and lead to sales.

Study Instagram’s tutorials

Study Instagram’s series of tutorials to help you create a look and feel for your reel. You want this to coincide with your brand so that you attract your ideal clients. If you have trouble identifying your brand and communicating it through reels, try crafting a storyboard of what you want to share as far as tips that align with your brand, and utilize those stories for inspiration.

Practice capturing the clips a few times prior to publishing your first reel. You can easily delete and try again. While creating your first reel, try to utilize all of the features Instagram Reels offers: music, fonts, font styles, and filters. 

Now, go give it a try!

Pull some video content from your camera app, add a filter and some music, and don’t forget to set your profile to “public” so your reels can be viewed and shared to the Explore feed!

I am excited to hear about your boost of engagement! Comment below what you LOVE about reels!




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!