How to work with influencers on Instagram and make money

Remember when Instagram announced they were cutting ties with the numerical “like” button? That day, influencers and bloggers all over the world cried together at the fear they would lose out on big bucks. Had they only accepted this as a challenge and proceed to change how they operate their image and audience, no tears would have been shed.

For example, simple things like tagging brands in posts or taking pictures at a brand’s headquarters benefit all parties – the brand and influencer. The amount of likes doesn’t matter in this circumstance! Product seeding, brand ambassador-ing, ad-campaigns and influencer/brand collaboration are just some of the main ways brands profit off of influencers. Fun fact: did you know Kylie Jenner makes a whopping 400,000 dollars per sponsored post? Or beauty goddess Huda Kattan makes 18,000 per sponsored post? These ladies don’t rely on likes to get the given brands where they need to be. It’s all about strategy! 

Now for all of my entrepreneurs out there, the big secret is out. Working with influencers is not only for big name brands – or famous influencers like Kylie. Your business can – and should – invest in the right influencers! You can leverage the power of influencers to grow your influence and business on Instagram. And have I mentioned also make money? Yup!

First thing on your to-do list when working with influencers is to define your niche market. Not all influencers are good for every brand, and that’s ok! The more specific you get, the better results for your business. Once you have a list of influencers you would like to collaborate with, start reaching out to them! Have a plan of action and stick to it. Don’t get discouraged if you hear a few nos, more often than not you will be able to land amazing opportunities with the right people.

There are many ways to collaborate with influencers: sponsored posts, stories, doing a giveaway and even collaborating on a joint live. There are so many possibilities! All you have to do is get creative.

The right collaboration can make you grow your following much faster, make your brand more visible and generate sales. I hope you take advantage of this strategy and start taking action today 🙂



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Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!