Out of ideas for Instagram posts? Steal mine!

If you are like me and you post on a consistent basis you might run out of creativity sometimes. What should I post about?  Below you will get some great ideas for Instagram posts that I have used to grow two Instagram accounts to over 50,000 followers!

Out of ideas for Instagram posts? Steal mine! These simple Instagram strategies that I use to grow my business on Instagram have helped me grow my Instagram account by over 50k followers. Read my blog and grab a copy of my killer Instagram checklist for FREE! #Instagram #marketing #monicahill

Out of ideas for Instagram posts? Steal mine! 

To get your creative juices going I’m going to share a few Instagram post ideas with you – feel free to copy them! 

1. Share a strong opinion you have about something.

Are you the only person that doesn’t like the show Friends ( I hope not lol!!!)? Share it! People love hearing a polarizing opinion on something. Just make sure to pick a topic that is related to your industry.

Also, make sure to always be mindful of people’s feelings including staying away would stay away from controversial topics like religion and politics. The exception to this is if these Instagram post topics are topics you write about on a regular basis and it is related to your niche/industry.

2. Share how you started.

Time to inspire your Instagram followers! Tell your audience how you started your business, your blog and share your journey along the way.

People love to see that it can be possible for them too to follow their dreams! You have all the right to brag! Just be sure to motivate and show people that if you come this far, they can too. You never know who is listening and you can change someone’s day with your story. 

3. Share your favorite quote… but explain why.

I see a lot of people sharing quotes on Instagram – and leaving at it.

Sharing a quote and explaining why it resonates with you creates a much stronger connection with your Instagram followers. When you explain what inspires you and motivates you, you will motivate those who follow you and allow them to get to know you better. Try it next time and see the difference it makes!

I hope these are helpful! Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you love to write and how you like to inspire your Instagram followers.


Monica Hill, Instagram Strategist

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