How to grow your Instagram in 30 minutes a day

Hey beautiful! And yes, that title is not a typo. You can actually grow your Instagram with only 30 minutes a day. Gone are the days where we believed we had to hustle all day on the gram’ to build a successful business and an engaged audience. You can, with intention and discipline, grow your account in 30 minutes a day!

Ready for the how? Grab your latte – or wine, depending on what time you are reading this 😉 – and let’s started! 

How to grow your Instagram in only 30 minutes per day by Monica Hill. These simple tips to save time posting on Instagram will keep you from spending hours on social media. From Instagram engagement to Time batching, these will help you with your overall Instagram strategy. For more Instagram tips, Instagram engagement, Time management, Instagram story ideas, social media marketing, how to use hashtags, and more read monicahill.com #instagram #ig #engagement #productivity #monicahill #hashtags

1. Post on your Instagram feed

Well, duh!

This can be done in a few seconds if you are ready to go with your pictures and captions.  Now, this can get a little tricky. If you don’t use a visual organizer app, you might spend more time figuring out what picture to use with what caption. Or maybe you don’t even have a caption. 

I highly recommend writing all your captions – or at least have prompts for them – ready to go on a Google Doc or on the notes section of your phone. If you do this on the weekend because it takes away all the pressure during the week to come up with the content.

We are all super busy – I get it. I have two kids with a busier schedule than I do ;), but it will make all the difference during the week. I like to write my prompts early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday.

Find a time that works best for you and go for it! 

2. Stories, stories, stories

Yes, it’s me again reminding you to do stories! If you have never done stories, it can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to!

With only 5 minutes a day of video/pictures on your Instagram stories, you are on your way to growing a successful account. You can mix it up between sharing content from other people, sharing quotes, doing behind the scenes, talking about client wins, sharing what you are working on your business today, and so on. 

If you start posting on stories 3x a day you will see your engagement grow.

You know me, I have to remind you that it is super important to get on video because it’s easier for people to connect and “feel” you. Just sharing quotes or random pictures won’t do it. 

How to grow your Instagram in 30 minutes a day by Monica Hill

3. Engage on hashtags and stories.

Ok, this is a new tactic that’s been proven very successful! Let’s say you spend 20 minutes a day engaging on hashtags.

Next, divide that time between engaging on hashtags that your ideal client uses and the stories of your ideal client. 

The beauty of engaging with people’s stories is that the message goes to their DM, so you can continue a conversation and establish a relationship there. And how do you find these dream followers?

Use hashtags! If you are having a hard time finding the right hashtags for your IG/niche, check out my Hack your Hashtags course! 

See? It’s totally doable to grow your Instagram without falling into overwhelm. I would love to see how you save time on Instagram.

Chat soon!


Monica Hil

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