Your Quick Guide To Making Sales On Instagram on Black Friday

It’s that time of year and the holiday discounts are going to begin flooding in! Now is your chance to introduce the offer you have been planning for – and offered it as a Black Friday special. So, here’s your quick guide to making sales on Instagram on black Friday!

Develop the like/trust and know factor now

Your audience follows you for a reason. Whether it’s because you work in the same industry, you share a common interest or maybe you’ve known them since the good ole high school days. Whatever the reason is, they follow you because they also like you!

Channel into that mindset as you move closer to the launch of your Black Friday offer. Your audience needs to be confident in knowing that they can trust you and what your offer can do for them.

Start prepping your audience for the sale ahead of time

Once you’ve made a decision on the offer and channeled the trust-factor mindset, it is time to start prepping your audience with attractive posts and hints leading towards your awesome deal.

As always, be sure to offer value before asking for the sale. Try talking about a common struggle you’ve been hearing from your audience, and what you know is the solution to it. Use hints of content from your offer to put in these posts.

Remember, you don’t want to spam people with sales posts all the time. Try posting just 2-3 times a week about this upcoming offer. Post in your feed and share about it on your stories!

Create fun graphics

Take advantage of this exciting offer launch by creating attention-grabbing, on-brand, and fun graphics! Not only do you get to offer a great deal on your product, but you get to make marking for it, cute, sexy, silly, colorful, ANYTHING!

There are many programs out there that can help. you create fun graphics. One of my favorite tools to use is an app called MOJO. It guides you through creating interactive and animated stories for Instagram. It is designed to attract more people to your stories and then prompt them to interact by commenting, asking questions, and sending you a DM.

Make the algorithm work for you

We all know that trending with the current algorithm is key, so make it work in your favor and get more eyes on your stuff! Right now the algorithm is trending with Instagram live.

As you get closer to the launch of your Black Friday offer, you want to go live and talk about what it is, the problem it solves, who its for, and why it’s necessary. You can also utilize terminology like “limited time only”, “special offer”, “this one time”, etc.

It will be important to not just go live once, but twice to really make an impact on your audience. Go live once the week before and during the week of Black Friday.

Overdeliver the week of Black Friday

People are expecting sales and great deals during the week of Black Friday. Make sure you have a great offer setup that will be an EASY YES.

What will make your offer stand out above the rest is relevancy, value and a wise price. Yours will be a great offer if it has all three of these things. Then it is up to you to prep your audience, campaign well, and deliver something valuable!

What an exciting time! I hope you were able to take away something valuable today and that it has inspired you in presenting your amazing offer!

Let me know your favorite tip from above in the comments and good luck making sales on Black Friday!

Love, Monica


Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!