The number one mistake you are making on Instagram stories

If you know anything about me, you will know that I will always stress that creating stories on your Instagram will grow your followers and make you stand out. But it’s not enough to just post a random image or video per day; it has to tie into what you’re trying to tell your audience. The following is what I’ve often seen as the number one mistake people make when they are creating their Instagram stories. 

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Not actually telling a story.  

Whatever you post to your story has to be in relation to your post of the day and your overall theme or brand on Instagram. It has to string together and tell a story.

For example: If you’re a travel blogger and people follow you because you post awesome travel images, and write about your travels, then I assume you’ll travel to different places at different times. If you happen to be in Croatia, let’s say, then your story should be about Croatia!

You can pick your favorite sights, food or whatever else it is you want to talk about when telling a story about the country you’re currently in. Then make it all about your experience there! Don’t back travel or post a story that is not related to that at all. 

This tends to get confusing over time for followers, and then you will see people do this terrible thing of unfollowing you. And that’s the last thing I want for you! Your IG stories should simply reflect what you are about and try to keep your lovely followers engaged and interested.

Think about the reasons why someone follows you in the first place. What would they like to see and what are their expectations? If you’re a food blogger, your stories should be all about food and not about the adorable little puppy you just adopted (as wonderful as this might be). Save those for your private or separate account, if you have it. 

Make it meaningful and ask questions 

The best thing to do while telling your story is to add questions or polls. It gives your old followers, as well as new or potential ones, a chance to interact with you, get to know you a little better, and make them feel an important part in your daily stories. That in itself is very meaningful. Which leads me to my last statement: Make it meaningful! Whatever that is to you.

Make it about more than just your hotel room or breakfast, but really give it some thought and make it something people can easily respond and maybe even relate to. You can add short, personal anecdotes. Again, it’s all leading back to telling a story!

What I want you to take away from my advice is this: Make your Instagram stories appealing to your crowd. Create a vision on your story that inspires people. Whether it is an inspiration to follow into your footsteps, or to develop their own, unique ideas for their business or personal life plans, be a visionary to others.

It will keep your followers on their toes and peak their interest whenever they see a new IG story from you pop up. Those are the people that will stay loyal, as long as you do your part as well, and stay focused on telling real stories. 

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