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Happy Monday! We are already in the month of February, the month of Carnival in Brazil ( and still summer time, lucky!) and for us in the US another winter month ( but dreaming about Spring). This past January I didn’t buy many beauty products – oddly – just two for the hair and three for the skin. Most of them is to moisturize the skin since winter in New York is so drying. First I will talk about the hair products I purchased:





1-Living Proof Prime Style Extender: Living Proof was released a few years ago at Sephora. I’ve already tested some of their products and I liked them, but didn’t fell in love with anyone specifically. I was convinced to buy the prime style extender due to the positive reviews on Sephora’s website. It basically works like a cream that you apply on hair before other products – a primer, same as a make up primer we apply before applying foundation. It moisturizes and makes your hairstyle last longer. Sometimes I use it by itself, when I’m in a hurry, or before using an oil or leave-in for the ends. It is very light and doesn’t make your hair greasy or heavy. I’m loving it and highly recommend!

Price: $ 20 at Sephora


2-It’s a 10 miracle leave-in product: This brand is new to me! I had never heard and I discovered on the website of a beauty blogger. She rated it so highly I couldn’t wait to try it out! It has been a while since I’ve used a leave-in for my hair but I’m glad I gave it a try. I love this! The smell is nice; it moisturizes but does not weigh down the hair ( just use it a little though, it can get oily after a few hours if your hair is very fine). It tames the frizz, leaves your hair looking healthy and smelling great – what else can we ask for? It’s really a miracle 🙂

Price: $ 12 on Amazon


Now for the skincare products:




3- La Mer The Eye Concentrate: I have tried numerous eye creams (recommended by dermatologists or friends) and, for me, only La Mer does the trick. Every eye cream that I tested before  left my eye area irritated or dry. La Mer is the only one that works for me. I also love their face creams, but the eye concentrate is the one I can’t live without. Yes it’s expensive and I would love to find a cheaper alternative, but for now it’s what works for me. Love and recommend 🙂

Price: $ 190 at Nordstrom 


4- Skinceucticals Retinol 1.0: I have tried others over the counter retinol but I never felt it was doing anything for my skin. This winter I decided to invest again in a retinol cream and bought the Skinceuticals. My skin is very sensitive so I strictly followed the brand recommendation of usage ( twice a week for a few weeks) but my face started peeling a lot (the dry weather also doesn’t help). Unfortunately I had to stop using for that reason, but it was the only retinol that it really seemed to be doing something to my skin. For now I have stopped using it but will try again in a couple of months. I would still recommend to someone who is looking for a powerful over the counter retinol.

Price: $ 45 on Amazon



5- La Roche-Posay Cicaplast: I’m a fan of La Roche, and I started using this product when my skin started to get sensitive because of the retinol. I liked it so much I kept it even after I stopped using the retinol.  Cicaplast is “an accelerator of epidermal repair”. I would say it’s a fancier – and better – version of Aquaphor – . It also doubles up as a lip balm. It became my “must have” for the winter.

Price: $ 15 on Amazon



I hope you enjoyed my beauty buys! Don’t forget to share the post with friends by clicking the “Share this Post” button.




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