Where to find Insta worthy pictures

Once you have an Instagram account, one thing that you want to incorporate to attract new followers and keep your profile livid and interesting are pictures.  After all, Instagram is a visual app! For a professional photographer, this is an easy one, as they have a full portfolio to dig into and choose their best…

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Hashtags myths busted!

Hashtags are a crucial component in gaining a solid audience and building a brand on Instagram. It’s a learning experience, and very effective, once you know how to use them, and especially, which ones to use!  In order to get started, let me talk about some hashtag myths that have been going around. This will…

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3 ways to sell on Instagram stories

Instagram stories are your best asset on Instagram and I truly believe that it can boost your site tremendously. If you have noticed, I stress the importance of your Instagram stories A LOT!  Now, if you have a business and are also trying to make a living, stories are essential in promoting what you are…

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How to get your first Instagram 1000 followers

When you are just a beginner, you need to invest.  Starting out on Instagram can be challenging. As we all know, it’s difficult getting started, especially when we consider the people who like to follow, and then out of nowhere, unfollow! I want to share some tips with you to make it easier to get…

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Monica Hill | Instagram Strategist + Instagram Coach


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