What the end of likes means for influencers

The glorious notification comes up on your lock screen: blank “liked your photo”. A wave of gratitude comes from you as you see this person behind your screen as just one of your many supporters. Without those likes, you really can’t keep track at how much of an impact you’re making in the blogging/influencing world….

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3 tips on how to beat the IG algorithm

Have you ever been talking to your friend about your favorite clothing brand or fast food place, and next thing you know, the first hit on your Facebook newsfeed is of that very thing?! Creepy right? Aside from the creepiness, this is known as being part of an algorithm. An algorithm is always changing and…

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Turning your small audience into huge fans

Loyalty is a two way street, especially when it comes to social media influencers and their followers.  As an Instagram influencer, your followers are your audience. They’re here for you and what you have to offer. Don’t disappoint them! Imagine standing on a stage, spotlight and all. As you look out into the audience, you…

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5 tips that took me from 0-40K followers in less than a year!

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