3 common Instagram myths – BUSTED!

If Instagram is your main platform for communicating your brand, connecting with others in your industry, and engagement then I’m sure you’ve struggled to find the best ways to make your platform successful! There are many voices out there telling you to post every day, spend all of your time engaging, etc – But no…

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How to keep your Instagram safe from hackers

Getting hacked on Instagram is a devastating experience! Do you know if your profile is safe from hackers? If you know my story, then you know that I was hacked several years ago and had to let go of my thriving Instagram profile. I had over 70K followers and after many months of trying to…

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Why Instagram takeovers are a must

There are many ways to collaborate on Instagram and grow your account! Today I’m sharing one of the most popular methods for growth: Instagram takeovers- and why they are a must! If you’re still new to Instagram, you might not be too familiar with Instagram takeovers yet – so let me tell you what it…

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