Still listening to the haters? Do THIS instead.

We all know pretty well by now that we don’t live in a perfect world.  People can be harsh, cruel, and mean-spirited at times – what we call haters.  It’s not the majority, but it can certainly seem like the loudest group is the negative group at times. As an influencer, it is probably one…

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Why Instagram live is really worth doing it

Hey, loves! Remember how we all moaned and groaned when Instagram gave its logo a redesign?  We liked the first.  Or how many of us became freaked out and frustrated at the loss of Instagram’s non-chronological timeline?  Why was no one seeing our stories? Or that brief moment when Instagram changed its format to a…

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Why I don’t watch my competition on Instagram

Hey, loves! Today I want to talk about competition on Instagram! We all suffer from comparing ourselves to other people who are on the same business, specially when it comes to social media. It seems like everybody is doing everything perfect and we are left wondering if we should try to catch up – or…

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3 amazing Instagram trends to try right now

Hey, loves! If you, like me, is an Instagram lover, you must be wondering what are the biggest Instagram trends for 2019. If we’re being honest with ourselves, the competition on Instagram has really heated up in the last few years.  Trying to keep on it with all the best ways to grow your following…

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5 tips that took me from 0-40K followers in less than a year!

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