How to get quality leads on Instagram

Yes, it’s the same dilemma for all of us, believe me. Instagram is an amazing platform for promoting yourself or your business. Having a place to voice your opinion on social media is essential, but it is also necessary to figure out ways to make your profile unique to attract the quality leads you’re looking for to build your brand.

It’s not an easy journey, but I’m here to help you achieve that goal! It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to reach my current followership and support from people all over the world, but I’m endlessly proud of it and I know you can do the same. In this blog post, I want to share with you my 3 greatest tips teaching you how to get quality leads on Instagram. 

Let’s get started, shall we? Grab a snack and come on back (sorry, I simply had to throw in a Wendy Williams saying!). 

How to get quality leads on Instagram by Monica Hill Instagram Strategist | These three simple Instagram strategies will help you grow your business on Instagram, and get more clients. Whether you are an Instagram Influencer or learning how to use Instagram, these Instagram tips are for you. For more Instagram tips, Instagram engagement, client attraction, Hashtags, and Instagram post idea, read monicahill.com #instagram #blog #socialmedia #marketing #influencer #leads #IG #bossbabe #business

1. Find your niche and make it stick 

It seems as if everyone these days wants to be an influencer, world traveler, or ambassador, but the hard and yet crucial part of it is to think about what your specialty is and how to really make it stand out.

For me, this has been social media, fashion, and beauty – my three big passions (besides my lovely family, of course!). Think about what yours be would!

Incorporate colors, ideas, and make sure to create a minimum of 4-5 posts per week, and work your way towards a steady stream of leads. And DEFINITELY don’t forget to show up on stories!

I recommend three times a day. 

2. Make it personal and relatable 

To attract quality leads on Instagram, it is important to be yourself – honestly.

Don’t overthink it, because we all have our flaws, and yet, we also have our virtues, which make us awesome and unique! Use those virtues and create personalized posts and stories on your feed (those stories rock!). It could be a funny anecdote, or a live feed of a product you’re trying out or a cool, new place you’re visiting. Make it fun and be you!

Don’t copy, but create your own content based on your experience, knowledge, and passions. That will eventually get you those much-desired leads on Instagram. Have patience, and keep being the #bossbabe that you naturally are! 

3. Use popular hashtags and follow what’s trending 

You know how passionate I am about hashtags – my Hack your Hashtags course has gained my students’ up to 100 quality leads in 4 days.

Plus, hashtags are one of the easiest ways to find your audience on Instagram. Use a mix of hashtags for your niche and the ones your ideal client uses. Be sure to stay away from super popular hashtags. Those hashtags are usually spammy and take you nowhere!

To become a hashtag pro with ease check out my Hack your Hashtags course here.

Another tip on the side:

DO support others on their journey to build their own brand as well.

Connect with like-minded people, start following them, and interact with people in your niche, and soon you will have a network of amazing entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and even referrals! 

Have you gotten started yet? I can’t wait to hear all of your inspiring stories and comments! Please share them with me and let’s reach the next level of your #bossbabe Instagram! 

Need some guidance to uplevel your biz with Instagram? Send me an email at [email protected] and let’s get started!


Monica Hill 

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Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!