3 ways to sell on Instagram stories

Instagram stories are your best asset on Instagram and I truly believe that it can boost your site tremendously. If you have noticed, I stress the importance of your Instagram stories A LOT! 

Now, if you have a business and are also trying to make a living, stories are essential in promoting what you are offering, and if you’re doing it right, you can attract hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who will become interested in your services or products. 

Here are 3 ideas on how to sell your services/products on Instagram stories:

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1- Spark Curiosity 

The key element is that you’re not being pushy and overly eager to sell anything. Once you make sure that you’re on the right track, make your audience aware of your business. Talk about the benefits of your product/service and its transformation. This will immediately make people read on and no one feels being sold on an idea, but rather made interested in a casual way.

If you are selling products, show how you use them and what do they do for you. If you’re selling your services make sure to take your followers on a journey that explains the transformation they will have when buying from you. You can also include a review from someone reputable in your story, which can indicate how great your service is, why they are using it, and what it has done for them – the so called social proof.

2- Do polls with your followers 

This is a great way to find out who could potentially be interested in your offerings. By asking questions that are geared toward your service you can filter out the people who respond and DM them to give them a few additional pieces of information.

If you’re newly starting out, you should consider giving first-time customers a discount ( that is special only for people following you/watching your stories), which can be another booster for someone to hire you or buy your products. If they end up loving it, they will surely buy again and this is how you make your first regular customers! Make sure to respond swiftly and be honest with what you are selling.  

3 – Add a call-to-action 

This is my favorite thing to do, and it does work well with followers who are genuinely interested and serious about purchasing products/services. The best line to start out with is “Follow the link in my bio”.

It’s easy to follow through with that and gives people a chance to read a bit more about it on your direct website, away from Instagram. If you have the “swipe up feature”, you can also add that and it’s easy to navigate. 

Instagram stories are everything! If you try these 3 ideas, you will most likely see a spike in potential customers. Whoever will follow you will also be keen on learning more about your brand.

Especially if they are in a similar business, they might want to hire you or buy products for their own benefit. If nothing else, they might be able to refer you to the right group of people. That’s a good reason to be precise with knowing your audience, their interests, and who could benefit the most from your offerings. 

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