My 3 top sources of inspiration for Instagram posts

If you are always showing up on Instagram it can be difficult to come up with ideas on what to post. I feel you! Sometimes we run out of ideas, get stressed out and end up not showing up on social media as much as we could. I’ve been there and it’s not a good feeling.

So today I’m sharing with you my 3 top sources of inspiration for Instagram.

Keep reading to learn where I get ideas from when it comes to creating content on Instagram. 

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1. Questions I get

I get DMs on a regular basis from people who want to grow their Instagram. I also have a Facebook group with wonderful women entrepreneurs, and that group is a great source of inspiration for me.

If you are just starting out maybe you don’t have people reaching out on a constant basis to you with questions. You can do polls on stories and ask your audience for feedback.

You can also take a look at other people in your business that have a larger audience and see what kind of questions they get from their followers and get inspiration. 

2. Books

I am sure you read books on the topics of your business, so grab the ones from your shelf and take a look at the table of contents for topics.

Since there are a ton of books out there on any given topic, another great idea is to search for books on Amazon and check the table of contents. Use the table of contents to find inspiration for any number of your next content ideas!

You will have content ideas for a long time! 

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is not only for recipes and DIY projects.

Most online businesses and service providers are on Pinterest marketing their content. Pinterest is a great searching tool, especially when you are looking for inspiration for Instagram posts.

You can search for related topics for inspiration in your industry and see what’s out there on the internet.

Pinterest also has a variety of free content calendars, Instagram story templates, etc. Just a reminder not to copy anyone’s content, but use it as a tool to be inspired and do your own spin on the topic.

If you want to check out my Pinterest, here is my Pinterest account!! 

Don’t forget to keep a document on Google docs with all of your ideas! Always write them down, so you don’t forget.

Since many of your best ideas come out of the blue when you are out and about or busy doing something else, always write them down on the note section of your phone or keep a notebook with you.

Here’s to creating great content always! Which one of these suggestions are you going to take action on?



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