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How To Use Reels To Grow Your Instagram

If you are active on Instagram and specifically in stories, you may have noticed the reels feature! This tool is used to attach 15-30 second video clips together. First, you capture the amazing moments, set it to music, and then share it to your feed! Since reels are such a popular feature, then you might…

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Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

Put your digital channels to work for you by integrating your social and email strategy.  Image courtesy of Pexels.  If you’re utilizing email and social media in your marketing strategy but are not integrating the two, you could be missing out on a big opportunity. These digital platforms complement each other and work together seamlessly…

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Hashtags myths busted!

Hashtags are a crucial component in gaining a solid audience and building a brand on Instagram. It’s a learning experience, and very effective, once you know how to use them, and especially, which ones to use!  In order to get started, let me talk about some hashtag myths that have been going around. This will…

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