Why videos are a must on Instagram

Videos are one of the hottest trends on Instagram this year. Do you jump up and down with joy – or anxiety – when I say recording videos? I’m frequently asked on the importance of utilizing videos. Are there rules involved? What are the best guidelines for length? What type of content belongs in videos?…

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How to avoid the follow and unfollow game – forever!

Instagram can be brutal in terms of competition and how to attract the right crowd to your account. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and bloggers are still doing this creepy “Follow and unfollow” ritual, which is difficult for even the best of us to avoid. It can be frustrating to gain quality followers only to see that…

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The Number One Mistake I Keep Seeing On Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media platform, and as you might know, my once successful account was hacked and I had to start all over again. What have I learned and how have I re-gained a strong audience?  As a social media strategist for people, I’m constantly improving my skills and studying about social media….

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