The Number One Mistake I Keep Seeing On Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media platform, and as you might know, my once successful account was hacked and I had to start all over again. What have I learned and how have I re-gained a strong audience?  As a social media strategist for people, I’m constantly improving my skills and studying about social media….

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3 numbers that matter most on Instagram

We like to think that the number of our followers are all that matters for our Instagram account. But the fact is, there are other numbers that matters more – and I’ll explain to you why. I’m going to put it into perspective here: Look at the 3 examples below, of which I will talk…

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Where to find Insta worthy pictures

Once you have an Instagram account, one thing that you want to incorporate to attract new followers and keep your profile livid and interesting are pictures.  After all, Instagram is a visual app! For a professional photographer, this is an easy one, as they have a full portfolio to dig into and choose their best…

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