Where to find Insta worthy pictures

Once you have an Instagram account, one thing that you want to incorporate to attract new followers and keep your profile livid and interesting are pictures.  After all, Instagram is a visual app!

For a professional photographer, this is an easy one, as they have a full portfolio to dig into and choose their best images. However, if you’re not a photographer – or can’t take fresh pictures every week – what do you do? 

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You go online, and find stock images to use! I want to tell you about my 3 favorites websites to find awesome and inspiring images for your Instagram.

What is a stock photo, you might wonder? It’s a professional image, taken by a photographer, and ready to be downloaded instantly. You may use it whenever you need it, and even though it usually doesn’t provide you with any of the image’s commercial rights, it’s enough to use on your Instagram and create a beautiful site without having to stress about how to gain access to great images or, God forbid, having to do them yourself!

Here are the ones I highly recommend:


Unsplash is your traditional stop for classic photos, whether it be food, travel, or still moments, like a coffee mug next to a notebook.

If you are looking for beautiful images of various sorts, this is a great place to start searching. It’s free, like all of them, but you can choose to give the photographer credit. Just search for the type of picture you are looking for and voilà – Unsplash has tons of gorgeous pictures to choose from.



Pexels is modern, chic, and can be a bit abstract.

It also has a ton of people images on their website, and lots of black- and- white shots as well. Overall there’s a wide range of images to choose from, and they are meaningful, and go beyond your average picture of the day. 



Pixabay and Pexels are both owned by Canva; an acquisition that happened in 2019.

Pixabay is an international website that not only offers images when you want to know where to find pictures, but also videos, illustrations, and various other kind of graphics that might come in handy for your site.

It’s diverse and has a wider collection than the others; due to the fact that they offer a little bit of everything as an international platform. 


Have you been using any of these websites? Do you have another one to share? Comment below!




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