Why I don’t watch my competition on Instagram

Hey, loves!

Today I want to talk about competition on Instagram! We all suffer from comparing ourselves to other people who are on the same business, specially when it comes to social media. It seems like everybody is doing everything perfect and we are left wondering if we should try to catch up – or even worse – copy successful competitors.

If we really want to break it down, followers on Instagram are looking for one thing: good content.  Good content is engaging, it’s relevant, it’s aesthetically appealing, and it comes from a place of sincerity.  

Everyday, followers are more drawn to the slightly flawed, personable, and relatable influencer, rather than the ones who simply don’t establish that genuine connection to their followers and their content.  Establishing and having a connection is exactly why they want to follow you in the first place! They want someone to relate to, someone to aspire to be like, and someone to bring them their own unique inspiration on a daily basis. Guess what, if they wanted someone else’s content, they’d follow someone else.  Recognize that they don’t need to follow you, but they choose to.  Don’t give them a reason to follow someone else by focusing on content that doesn’t come from you. 

This focus on what’s genuine and what’s not is exactly why it is neither healthy nor helpful to spend your own time on other influencers’ pages, taking notes and trying to copy their content.  Your followers are smarter than that, they know the difference between something real and something fake, and it’s important that you give them that credit! 

Now, I’m not saying there’s no value in following other influencers or checking out their content.  I’m sure you have a few bloggers, vloggers, and accounts that you love following on the daily.  Using your favorites to help inspire your own content and to help give you new and fresh ideas is a great way to go about creating your own content.  But, let’s be clear: there’s a strong difference between imitation and inspiration.  Seek out the latter, not the former.  

When you seek out to imitate other people’s content or compare your posts and your number of likes to someone else, all you’re doing is devaluing your own brand, stressing yourself out, and bringing about unfair comparisons.  This places you in a negative space, not only mentally, but also as an influencer.  You have your own unique brand, and every influencer takes a different journey.  Allow yourself that opportunity to generate unique content instead of simply becoming another generic and ‘perfect’ page.  

Focus more on what you want to create, what direction you want to head in, and what trends you want to be following.  Focus less on what the competition is doing, where they’re headed, and how you can be doing what they do.  Ultimately, this doesn’t get you anywhere.  

Respect your followers and respect your own craft enough to know that what you are trying to offer is great content.  Don’t compare, don’t copy, don’t cyber-stalk. Follow that which inspires you, make sure you generate unique and original content, and post about that which genuinely inspires you! 

I hope this post inspires you to do and be your best on social media! You have what it takes, just let it show!




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!