Why Instagram takeovers are a must

There are many ways to collaborate on Instagram and grow your account! Today I’m sharing one of the most popular methods for growth: Instagram takeovers- and why they are a must!

If you’re still new to Instagram, you might not be too familiar with Instagram takeovers yet – so let me tell you what it is and how to utilize it!  

A takeover is a collaboration effort with the intent of increasing exposure or marketing. If someone is taking over another IG account, whether that’s another person’s account or a brand’s account, the person taking over will typically be featured in the stories to talk about who they are, their services, or something specific like an upcoming event. Takeovers can often be a paid opportunity as well! The individual taking over is usually someone with a name attached to them, like a celebrity or influencer.

The purpose of it is to gain more attention and to be able to promote a brand or name globally. A lot of brands do Instagram takeovers, and you can do it too!

Things to consider for your Instagram takeovers

When deciding how to execute your takeover, first, think of someone who has an audience similar to yours – in size or industry. Make sure you have some kind of relationship with the person so that it’s a natural transition for your audience to see this person appear on your Instagram profile.

The person taking over does not have to be in the same industry – it’s actually better if they aren’t – but in a similar one. Let’s say you are a personal brand photographer. You can do a takeover with a web designer, content writer, etc. It would be a good idea to choose someone who is also in the creative industry! If you are a food blogger, you could trade takeovers with a mom blogger.

You can approach the person and suggest for you to takeover her/his account and offer the same in return on the same day or a later date. That’s the best way to increase your chances of them saying “hell yes!” to your takeover offer.

Got the yes? Grab your coffee and keep reading!

How to make your Instagram takeovers successful

For a successful launch, set a takeover date a few days in advance, and let the audience know. Use the next few days to grow the anticipation by posting daily reminders of the takeover, giving away little clues on what or who to expect. Ask the person/brand that you are taking over to do the same.

Make sure to discuss the takeover details in advance. Try to decide on these items: how long the takeover will last (usually 24 hours), what you will be talking about, whether you are going to post on their feed or stories only, will you be promoting yourself at the end. You don’t have to sell your services/products but at least ask people to follow you/check your website, or freebie. The goal is to take this opportunity to expand your following!

I recommend recording your stories in advance. This will help the takeover look more polished and give you time to edit whatever you need beforehand.

The takeover should be well-organized, fully planned, and be ready to go once it’s launched. That way you have time to edit/make requests accordingly before they go live to the public.

Also, save all stories during the takeover period in your highlights for future references, for new followers to see, and to analyze what worked and what didn’t.

Don’t overthink a takeover, just have fun with it! Followers want to see your passion and that you enjoy taking about what you do!

After the takeover

Lastly, always remember to send a thank you note (or a small gift) to the person who let you take over their Instagram for the day. Thank them for allowing your brand to have the exposure and for trusting you with the opportunity. A successful takeover could set you up for many more takeovers to come!

Takeovers are amazing collaborations, and a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with others and also grow your audience. 

Ready to take on the challenge? Share with me what account/brand would be your dream Instagram takeover!




Hi, I'm Monica Hill. I'm a fashion blogger- turned- mompreneur who loves to help women be a #bossbabe on Instagram!